Freight elevator / goods elevator, two-door, second-hand (2403-010)

Hersteller:          Gebhardt ConVer 146

Type:                   146.01

Year of construction:             2013

Total height:      7.600 mm

Loading height:          max. 2.000 mm

Load capacity:            500 kg

Stops:       3

elevator car:

Width:               1.800 mm

Depth:                 1.260 mm

Height:                 2.000 mm

Lifting speed:  0,2 m/s

Operating voltage:     400 V

Control voltage:       24 V

Rated current:              12,7 A

Protection class:                IP 54

Access ramp height: 70 mm

Sturdy, free-standing frame construction

Can only be used without people

Location near Nuremberg

Possible for self-dismantling

Buyer assumes responsibility for transportation

Price on request