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For more than 35 years, we have been dealing with the assembly, disassembly and purchase and sale of storage and conveyor technology, from simple shelving to fully automatic high bay equipment.

We plan, deliver and (de-) assemble storage and conveyor technology

  • Professional planning and installation of new plants
  • Conversion and modification of existing plants
  • Optimization of old systems as well as combination with new systems
  • Organization and execution of site resolutions or removals
  • Organization and implementation of plant liquidations or relocations incl. Dismantling, recycling and disposal of old plants
  • buying and selling complete storage systems
  • Operation of interim storage facilities (including assembly and disassembly)
  • Consulting in planning and realization of storage and conveyor systems
  • Evaluation of storage systems

Here you will find your storage and conveyor technology.

But we are also interested in existing plants for which you are looking for a buyer. We are also happy to offer professional dismantling here.

You will receive special solutions from us.

We help you to master the challenges of efficient and modern logistics and provide you with the right storage and logistics system that is tailored to your needs.

We dispose / recycle

We also carry out the professional disposal / recycling of your old system for you.

You will receive short-term offers tailored to your needs

You get suitable solutions tailored to your needs, which optimally support your logistical processes. Safety and quality come first. Everything is offered out of one hand. Our competent and long-standing network of planners, assembly companies and suppliers guarantee fast and efficient processes.

Do you need support / advice / realization on pallet racks, shelving racks, sliding shelves, flow racks, long span racks or conveyor technology of different manufacturers (Jungheinrich, Schäfer, Dexion, Stow, Mecalux, Meta, Thyssen, Bito ect.)?

We are your competent and independent contact person.

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Do you need support / consulting / realisation for pallet racking, shelving, mobile racking, flow racking, wide span racking or conveyor technology from various manufacturers (Jungheinrich, Schäfer, Dexion, Stow, Mecalux, Meta, Thyssen, Bito ect.) ?

We are your competent and independent contact.

You need an individual solution for your own warehouse?

Then we offer you the right system and components.

Warehouses for industry and medium-sized businesses –
Indukamp is your first address

Are you looking for shelves or shelf parts for your warehouse?
Do you need to make your warehouse safer after a shelf inspection?
Do you want to expand or redesign your warehouse?

Benefit from our experience in the (industrial) storage area! Tell us how you want to use the warehouse or what requirements you place on the warehouse. Then we can give you the best possible support in planning and implementation.

We will ask you:

  • Do you have a plan for how to build the warehouse?
  • What do you want to store and in which form, Euro pallets, smaller, heavy or extra wide parts.
  • Which frame heights can be used, which load per level must be performed?
  • What kind of shelves do you need, more a shelving rack for non-palletized goods or are pallets stored (pallet rack – individual pallets are stored next to each other in a bay or drive-in Racks / flow racking system- several pallets are stored one behind the other)Pallet dimensions: Euro pallets 1200 × 800 | Industrial pallets 1200 x 1000If you want to expand an existing warehouse or replace existing rack parts, pictures of the existing system as well as the nameplate and plan are helpful to send you a suitable offer.We would also be happy to offer you the right supplies, e.g. grids, pads made of chipboard and rear walls.

    We supply you quickly and flexibly with our inventory of racks from various manufacturers.

    Of course we can also install the racks. You find information about our competences also on our homepage under “assembly and disassembly“.

  • Heavy duty shelving
  • Shelves
  • Pallet racks
  • Flow racks
  • Cantilever
  • Shelving
  • Automatic small parts warehouse
  • Racking
  • Wide span shelf
  • Multi-bay
  • Materials handling
  • Roller conveyor
  • Paternoster
  • Horizontal carousel
  • Plug shelf
  • Frame / stand
  • Traverses
  • Shelves
  • Mesh boxes
  • Back wall grids
  • Shelf dividers
  • Safety bumbs

Various manufacturers such as Jungheinrich, Schäfer, DEXION, BITO, META, Thyssen, STOW, MECALUX, Elektrolux, TEGO, Galler, Crow, Linde, DELTA, GEMAC, Konvolut, SLP, STORAX, STOW, TEGO, Dick, KNAPP, Overbeck, TGW, Dürrkopp, STILL, Hanse, Atlet, Polypal

Are you looking for storage systems that you can rely on?

You will find the following offers/products of our warehouse sale (intermediate trade reserved).
Important: The quantities given below are approximate quantities. The prices below are net prices for pickup. On request we offer transport service.