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Proper packing and loading of pallet shelves

We have a few useful tips on how to save on packing and loading palette shelves

  • the optimal use of load volumes in the trucks,
  • the right load securing and
  • avoidance of damage of the shelves to be transported.

The following suggestions are only information, any liability is excluded on our part.

1. Traverses, Beams

  • Pack the packages at least 1,150mm to 1,200mm deep (all packages must be the same).
  • Package size 1,200mm, also for underlays or pallets (is 1/2 lorry width)
  • Make sure that the hooking tabs do not hit each other (picture 1 / picture 2)
  • Tie in each truss bar with steel strip 2 x (Picture 3 – consists of 3 crossbars)
  • Tie in the middle of the parcel with steel tape 2 times (Photo 3)
  • Stack truss bar slightly offset one above the other
  • Stack packages side by side

  Picture 1: correct

 Picture 2: wrong

   Picture 3: Truss package

2. Pallet Rack / Frames / Uprights

  • Pack the packages at least 1,150 mm and maximum 1,200 mm deep (all packages must be the same).
  • It should be packed upright at 800mm frame depth (picture 2 and picture 3).
  • Wrap each frame package 5 times when height is from 4.000 to 7.000mm.
  • Wrap each frame package 6 times when height is from 7,000 to 10,000mm.
  • Frames to be packed offset (feet alternately left and right in the finished Stack- Picture 1)
  • Stack packages on top of each other.

The frame packages have to be underlaid several times, whether by skids or pallets. Here a negative example (pallet racks) for too little support.

The frames bend through.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

3. Truck loaded correctly – examples loading error

  Picture 1 – correct but not space-saving

  Picture 2 – correct

  Picture 3 – negative case with damages 

  Here a negative example to package with plastic bands

A standard semitrailer – tarpaulin truck has the following loading dimensions:

Width: 2.44 – 2.48m
Length: 13,60m
Height: 2.65 – 2.70m
Loading capacity: 24.5 t
34 europalette places


The ready-packed packages should make the best possible use of these dimensions.

A condition for the optimal use of the truck load space is that the packages are packed as described in point 1 and 2.

Traverse packages are loaded first, then you put the frame packages

(Picture 3 shows loading error)

Use the loading height optimally (as in pictures 2 and 1)